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the Government Zimbabwe Republican Party

1976 4th November Prime Minister-Zimbabwe Ian Douglas Smith 1964-1979ZimbabweGenevaConference-GenevaDelegates at the Geneva Conference cannot agree a date for Rhodesian independence1976 4th November Prime Minister-Zimbabwe...

the Government Zimbabwe

1964 13th April Prime Minister-Zimbabwe Ian Douglas Smith 1964-1979ZimbabweHarareAppointment-SmithAppointed Prime Minister of Rhodesia1965 11th November Prime Minister-Zimbabwe Ian Douglas Smith 1964-1979ZimbabweHarareIndependenceMakes a Unilateral Declaration...

the Revolution Zaire Zaire

1968i President-Zaire Marien NgoubaiZaireCoup d'Etat-ZaireTakes power by a military coup & Allies with the USSR

the Revolution Zaire

1961i Chief-of-Staff Sese Seko MobutuZaireCoup d'Etat-ZaireOverthrows the government of Lumumba with the support of the USA & Belgium1965i President-Zaire Sese Seko Mobutu 1965-1977ZaireCoup d'Etat-ZaireDeposes...

the Popular Rev Party Zaire

1939 27th NovemberLaurent KabaliaZaireMobaBirth-Kabalia-Zaire-ZaireBirth of Laurent Kabalia1967iLaurent KabaliaZaireNairobiFoundation-PRP-ZaireFounds the Popular Revolutionary Party in exile

the MNC Zaire

1958iPatrice Hemery LumumbaZaireFoundation-MNC-ZaireFounds & the 1st nationwide Congolese political party, Mouvement National Congolais

the Military Zaire

1930 14th OctoberSese Seko MobutuZaireGbadoliteBirth-MobutuBirth of Sese Seko Mobutu1958i Member-MNC Sese Seko MobutuZaireAppointment-MobutuAppointed Member of the Mouvement National Congolais1960i Chief-of-Staff Sese Seko MobutuZaireAppointment-MobutuCommands the...

the Government Zaire

1955i President-Zaire Joseph KasavubuZaireAppointment-KasavubuAppointed President of the cultural-political association ABAKO1959i President-Congo Fulbert Youlou 1959-1963ZaireAppointment-YoulouAppointed President of the Congo1959i President-Congo Fulbert Youlou 1959-1963ZaireConstitution-CongoBecomes the Congo's...

the Government Zambia

1973i President-Zambia Kenneth KaundaZambiaConstitutionZambia becomes a 1 party state until 1990 under the United National Independence Party1980 1st August President-Zambia Kenneth KaundaZambiaConference-CommonwealthHosts the 1st...

the VNQPH Vietnam

1912iBoi Chou PhanVietnamArrest-Phan-VietnamImprisoned for an assassination attempt on Albert Saurrat1912iBoi Chou PhanVietnamFoundation-Viet Nam Quang-VietnamFounds a new nationalist group the Viet Nam Quang Phuc Hoi

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the Shahs of Afghanistan

1919iShah Aman Allah 1919-1929AfghanistanCoup d'Etat-AfghanistanStages a coup, imprisons his brothers & assumes power1919iShah Aman Allah 1919-1929AfghanistanIndependence-AfghanistanInforms the Viceroy of India that Afghanistan...

the Revolution Afghanistan

1893iAmir Abd al-RahmanAfghanistanRebellion-Pashtuns-AfghanistanThe Pastuns rebel after being placed under British rule1919iShah Aman AllahAfghanistanCoup d'Etat-AfghanistanStages a coup, imprisons his brothers & assumes power1973...

the Revolution Afghanistan Afghanistan

1978 27th April President-Afghanistan Nur TarakiAfghanistanCoup d'Etat-AfghanistanImprisoned leader of the Khalk faction of the banned PDPA1978 27th April President-Afghanistan Nur TarakiAfghanistanCoup d'Etat-AfghanistanTakes charge as...

the PDPA Afghanistan

1965 1st JanuaryNur TarakiAfghanistanFoundation-PDPA-AfghanistanHelps establishes the Peoples Democratic Party of Afghanistan1969 1st JanuaryNur TarakiAfghanistanFoundation-Khalq Faction-AfghanistanLeads the Khalq faction within the PDPA, named after a...

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