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the Christian Social Party Austria

1844 24th OctoberKarl LuegerAustriaBirth-Lueger-Austria-AustriaBirth of KarlLueger1897i Mayor-Vienna Karl Lueger 1897-1910AustriaViennaAppointment-Lueger-AustriaAppointed Mayor of Vienna1910 10th MarchKarl LuegerAustriaDeath-Lueger-AustriaDeath of KarlLueger

the Chemistry Austria

1938iRichard KuhnAustriaNobel Prize-KuhnTurns down the Nobel Prize for chemistry as instructed by the german government

the Bolshevik Party Austria

1912 26th JulyJacob FurstenbergAustriaArrest-Lenin-AustriaDefends Lenin & Zinoviev in Austria, they are released as "an enemy of tsarism"1912 26th JulyJacob FurstenbergAustriaTrial-Lenin-AustriaDefends Lenin & Zinoviev in...

the Austria Turkey War Turkey

1690iMustafa KopruluTurkeyNishCapture-NishRecaptures Nish1690i Grand Vizier Mustafa KopruluTurkeyBelgradeCapture-BelgradeRecaptures Belgrade1690i Grand Vizier Mustafa KopruluTurkeyVidinCapture-VidinRecaptures Vidin1690iSultan Suleyman II 1687-1691TurkeyZernyestBattle-ZernyestAfter victory at Zernyest nominates Thokoloy as Prince...

the Austria Turkey War Poland

1683 3rd SeptemberKing Commander-in-Chief John III 1674-1696PolandStettelsdorfCouncil-WarHanded the marshall's baton by the Herman of Baden during the Turkish siege of Vienna1683 11th SeptemberKing...

the Austria Turkey War Great Britain

1683 1st SeptemberKing George I 1714-1727Great BritainViennaSiege-ViennaJunior officer in the Allied army which comes to the relief of Vienna from the Turks

the Austria Turkey War Germany

1683 1st SeptemberPrince Eugene of SavoyGermanyViennaSiege-ViennaJunior officer in the Allied army which comes to the relief of Vienna from the Turks

the Austria Turkey War Austria

1529 15th October Marshal William von RoggendorfAustriaViennaSiege-ViennaHelps force the Turks to withdraw from their siege of Vienna1529 15th OctoberCount Nicholas of SalmAustriaViennaSiege-ViennaHelps force...

the Austria Prussia War Germany

1850 29th November Minister-Foreign Otto von ManteuffelGermanyOlomoucAgreement-OlomoucPrussia gives up the Erfurt Union & returns to the old Confederation in Germany1850 27th November Minister-Foreign Otto...

the Austria Prussia War Austria

1850 29th November Chancellor-Austria Felix zu Schwarzenburg 1848-1852AustriaOlomoucAgreement-OlomoucPrussia gives up the Erfurt Union & returns to the old Confederation in Germany1850 29th November Chancellor-Austria...

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the Genetics Austria

1822iGregor Johann MendelAustriaBirth-Mendel-AustriaBirth of Gregor Johann Mendel1856iGregor Johann MendelAustriaDiscovery-Mendels LawDiscovers probabilty of inherited characteristics1884 6th JanuaryGregor Johann MendelAustriaDeath-MendelDeath of Gregor Johann Mendel, father of...

the FPO Austria

1956i Chairman-FPO Anton Reinthaller 1956-1958AustriaViennaAppointment-Reinthaller-AustriaAppointed Chairman of the FPO1958i Chairman-FPO Friedrich Peter 1958-1978AustriaViennaAppointment-Peter-AustriaAppointed Chairman of the FPO1970i Party Leader-FPO Jorg HaiderAustriaAppointment-Haider-AustriaAppointed Party Leader of...

the Federal Party Austria

1992i Speaker-Federal Party Peter Pilz 1992-1994AustriaViennaAppointment-Pilz-AustriaAppointed Speaker of the Federal Party1994i Speaker-Federal Party Madeleine Petrovic 1994-1996AustriaViennaAppointment-Petrovic-AustriaAppointed Speaker of the Federal Party1996i Speaker-Federal Party Christoph...

the European Community Austria

1990i Chancellor-Austria Franz VranitzkyAustriaMembership-EUAustria become a member of the EC1994i Chancellor-Austria Franz VranitzkyAustriaReferendum-EU66.4% support membership of the EU1995 1st January Chancellor-Austria Franz VranitzkyAustriaMembership-EUAustria joins...

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