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1904i Prime Minister-Australia John Watson 1904-1904Canberra Prime Minister Watson Appointed Prime Minister of Australia1908i Prime Minister-Australia Andrew Fisher 1908-1909Canberra Prime Minister Fisher Appointed Prime Minister of Australia, 1st term1910i Prime Minister-Australia Andrew Fisher 1910-1913Canberra Prime Minister Fisher Appointed Prime Minister of Australia, 2nd term1914i Prime Minister-Australia Andrew Fisher 1914-1915Canberra Prime Minister Fisher Appointed Prime Minister of Australia, 3rd term1915...


1788 25th JanuaryArthur PhilipAustraliaSydneyFoundation-SydneyFounds Sydney, becomes Australia Day1828i Governor-Western Australia James Stirling 1828-1839AustraliaWestern AustralAppointment-StirlingAppointed Governor of Western Australia1828i Governor-Western Australia James Stirling 1828-1839AustraliaCanberraColonizationMakes WestAustralia a British colony1840i Governor-Sth Australia George Grey 1840-1844Great BritainAppointment-Grey-Great BritainAppointed Governor of South Australia1900iAlfred DeakinAustraliaCanberraFoundation-CommonwealthCreates an Australian Commonwealth1900iEarl Governor General Hope 1900-1902Great BritainAppointment-Hope-Great BritainAppointed Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia1901i Attorney General Alfred...


1629iFrancisco PelsaertHollandDiscovery-AustraliaLands on North Western Australia after his ship the Batavia is wrecked1644iAbel Janszoon TasmanHollandDiscovery-AustraliaCompletes a map of the west & north coast of Australia1769i Captain James CookGreat BritainDiscovery-Australia-Great BritainMakes a detailed survey of the east coast of Australia1801i Captain Matthew Flinders 1801-1803AustraliaAppointment-Flinders-AustraliaAppointed Captain1827i Governor-Western Australia James Stirling 1828-1839AustraliaDiscovery-Australia-AustraliaExplores the West Coast of Australia1851iEdward Hammond HargeavesAustraliaBathurst-AustraliaDiscovery-Gold-AustraliaDiscovers gold in Bathurst,...

Country Party

1895 13th AprilArthur William FaddenAustraliaInghamBirth-Fadden-Australia-AustraliaBirth of ArthurWilliamFadden1941 12th March Party Leader-CP Arthur William FaddenAustraliaCanberraAppointment-Fadden-AustraliaAppointed Party Leader of the Country Party, in Parliament1973 21st AprilArthur William FaddenAustraliaToowongDeath-Fadden-AustraliaDeath of ArthurWilliamFadden

Coalition Government

1916i Prime Minister-Australia William Morris Hughes 1916-1923AustraliaCanberraAppointment-Hughes-AustraliaAppointed Prime Minister of Australia, 2nd term1916i Prime Minister-Australia William Morris Hughes 1916-1923AustraliaCanberraFoundation-Government-AustraliaLeaves the Labour Party & leads a coalition government


1923iFritz PreglNobel Prize Pregl Wins the Nobel Prize for Chemistry, for microanalysis of organic substances

Wars Independence

1814i General Jose de San MartinArgentinaMendoza-ArgentinaMobilization-San Martin-ArgentinaEstablishes a military base to fight for Argentinian independence from Spain1816 9th July General Jose de San MartinArgentinaIndependence-ArgentinaArgentina declares independence1817 February General Jose de San MartinArgentinaSantiago-ArgentinaAppointment-O'Higgins-ArgentinaAppoints his friend Bernado O'Higgins as political director of Chile1817 13th February General Jose de San MartinArgentinaChacabuco-ArgentinaBattle-Chacabuco-ArgentinaDefeats a Spanish force in Chile1817 15th February General Jose de San...

Social Science

1852iJuan Batista AlberdiArgentinaBuenos Aires-ArgentinaConstitution-ArgentinaPublication of, "Bases & Starting Points", basis of Argentina's constitution in 18531854iJuan Batista AlberdiArgentinaBuenos Aires-ArgentinaPublication-Alberdi-ArgentinaPublication of, "Sistema Economico y Rentistico de la Confederacion"1898iJuan Batista AlberdiArgentinaBuenos Aires-ArgentinaPublication-Alberdi-ArgentinaPublication of, "Ensayos Sobre la Sociedead"
1887i Party Leader-UCR Leandro Alem 1887-1892Buenos Aires ArgentinaAppointment Alem Appointed Party Leader of the Union Civica Radica, 1st term1892i Party Leader-UCR Leandro Alem 1892-1893Buenos Aires ArgentinaAppointment Alem Appointed Party Leader of the Union Civica Radical Party1893i Party Leader-UCR Leandro Alem 1892-1893ArgentinaExile Alem Forced into exile

Politics Union Civica

1887i Party Leader-UC Leandro AlemArgentinaAppointment Alem Appointed Party Leader of the Union Civica1887i Party Leader-Union Civica Leandro AlemArgentinaAppointment Alem Appointed Party Leader of the Union Civica Party
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Argentina Uruguay War


Italy Albania War