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Italy Albania War

1934 23rd JuneKing Ahmed Zog 1928-1929AlbaniaInvasion-AlbaniaItaly invades Albania


1965 1st JanuaryNur TarakiAfghanistanFoundation-PDPA-AfghanistanHelps establishes the Peoples Democratic Party of Afghanistan1969 1st JanuaryNur TarakiAfghanistanFoundation-Khalq Faction-AfghanistanLeads the Khalq faction within the PDPA, named after a party Leninist newspaper

Communist Party

1941i First Secretary-CP Envha Hoxha 1941-1985AlbaniaTiranaAppointment-Hoxha-AlbaniaAppointed First Secretary of the Communist Party1941i First Secretary-CP Envha Hoxha 1941-1985AlbaniaTiranaFoundation-Communist Party-AlbaniaFounds the Communist Party of Albania

House Barakzay

1826iAmir Dust Muhammad 1826-1839AfghanistanKabulSuccession-Dust MuhammadSucceeds as Amir of Afghanistan1839iAmir Shuja 1839-1842AfghanistanKabulRestoration-ShujaRestored as Amir of Afghanistan1842iAmir Dust Muhammad 1842-1863AfghanistanKabulRestoration-Dust MuhammadRestored as Amir of Afghanistan1863iAmir Shir Ali 1863-1866AfghanistanKabulSuccession-Shir AliSucceeds as Amir of Afghanistan1866iAmir Muhammad Afdal 1866-1867AfghanistanKabulSuccession-Muhammad AfdalSucceeds as Amir of Afghanistan1867iAmir Muhammad A'zam 1867-1868AfghanistanKabulSuccession-Muhammad A'zamSucceeds as Amir of Afghanistan1868iAmir Shir Ali 1868-1879AfghanistanKabulRestoration-Shir AliRestored as...

Britain Afghan War

1879iAmir Muhammad Ya'qub 1879-1879AfghanistanAbdication-Muhammad Ya'qubForced to abdicate by the British1879iAmir Muhammad Ya'qub 1879-1879AfghanistanKabulCapture-KabulThe British capture Kabul1879iAmir Muhammad Ya'qub 1879-1879AfghanistanInvasion-AfghanistanBritain invades Afghanistan after the massacre of the legation in Kabul
1919 MayShah Aman Allah 1919-1929AfghanistanDeclaration-WarHostilities las for just 1 month1919 MayShah Aman Allah 1919-1929AfghanistanRawalpindiTreaty-RawalpindiUnder the treaty of RawalpindiAfghanistan wins control of its foreign affairs
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