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the Germany Italy War Germany

1354iEmperor Charles IV 1355-1378GermanyGermany-Italy WarLeads an invasion of Italy

the France Vatican War Italy

1303iPope Boniface VIII 1294-1303ItalyAnagniSiege-VaticanThe French force their way into the Pope's palace after quarrels with Philip IV1303iPope Boniface VIII 1294-1303ItalyAnagniSiege-VaticanThe attempted French...

the France Naples War Italy

1494iPope Alexander VI 1492-1503ItalyNaplesInvasion-NaplesUnsuccessfully opposes Charles VIII of France in his invasion of Naples1495iPope Alexander VI 1492-1503ItalyVaticanAlliance-Holy LeagueFormed to drive out the...

the France Italy War Italy

1495 6th JulyKing Alfonso II 1494-1495ItalyNaplesCapture-NaplesNaples surrenders to France's Charles VIII who is crowned King1585i Governor General Alessandro Farnese 1578-1592ItalyAntwerpCapture-AntwerpCaptures Antwerp1590i Governor General...

the France Italy War France

1495 6th JulyKing Charles VIII 1483-1498FranceNaplesCapture-NaplesNaples surrenders to Charles VIII who is crowned King,1515iKing Francis I 1515-1547FranceMarignanoCampaign-Marignano CampaignVictorious against the Holy League...

the France Holy League War Italy

1513i Pope Julius II 1509-1547ItalyRome-Roman EmpireSiege-RomeJulius II excommunicates the entire French army

the France Aragon War Italy

1294i Pope Boniface VIII 1294-1303 Italy Peace-France Completes the peace with James II of Aragon & advances the war with Sicily

the Fashion Italy

1997 15th JulyGianni VersaceItalyMiamiAssassination-Versace-ItalyThe fashion designer is assassinated1997 15th JulyGianni VersaceItalyMiamiDeath-VersaceThe fashion designer is assassinated

the Fascist Party Italy

1921i Deputy General Secretary Roberto Farinacci 1921-1922ItalyAppointment-Farinacci-ItalyAppointed Deputy Secretary General of the Fascist Party1925i General Secretary Roberto Farinacci 1925-1926ItalyAppointment-Farinacci-ItalyAppointed Secretary General of the Fascist...

the European Community Italy

1992i Prime Minister-Italy Giuliano AmatoItalyMembership-ERMItaly withdraws from the ERM

the England France War Italy

1297i Pope Boniface VIII 1294-1303 ItalyGascony Rule-Gascony The Pope intervenes, England & France agree peace & Gascony is returned to England

the Empire Papacy War Italy

1073iPope Gregory VII 1073-1085ItalyCapture-RomePopeGregory VII is holed up in the Castel Sant'Angelo after Henry IV captures Rome1073iPope Gregory VII 1073-1085ItalyRome-Roman EmpireCapture-RomePopeGregory VII...
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the Shahs of Afghanistan

1919iShah Aman Allah 1919-1929AfghanistanCoup d'Etat-AfghanistanStages a coup, imprisons his brothers & assumes power1919iShah Aman Allah 1919-1929AfghanistanIndependence-AfghanistanInforms the Viceroy of India that Afghanistan...

the Revolution Afghanistan

1893iAmir Abd al-RahmanAfghanistanRebellion-Pashtuns-AfghanistanThe Pastuns rebel after being placed under British rule1919iShah Aman AllahAfghanistanCoup d'Etat-AfghanistanStages a coup, imprisons his brothers & assumes power1973...

the Revolution Afghanistan Afghanistan

1978 27th April President-Afghanistan Nur TarakiAfghanistanCoup d'Etat-AfghanistanImprisoned leader of the Khalk faction of the banned PDPA1978 27th April President-Afghanistan Nur TarakiAfghanistanCoup d'Etat-AfghanistanTakes charge as...

the PDPA Afghanistan

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