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the World War, 2nd Yugoslavia

1941i Colonel Dragoljub MihailovicYugoslaviaRebellion Chetniks Leads the Chetniks against German occupation of Yugoslavia1941i Colonel Dragoljub MihailovicYugoslaviaRebellion Serbia Leads the Chetniks against German occupation of...

the Revolution Yugoslavia Yugoslavia

1941 27th March Prime Minister-Yugoslavia Dusan SimovicYugoslaviaCoup d'Etat-YugoslaviaAssumes power after a military coup in Belggrade

the Revolution Yugoslavia

1941i Colonel Dragoljub MihailovicYugoslaviaRebellion-Chetniks-YugoslaviaLeads the Chetniks against German occupation of Yugoslavia1941i Colonel Dragoljub MihailovicYugoslaviaRavna Gora-YugoslaviaRebellion-Serbia-YugoslaviaEstablishes a power base in the Ravna Gora mountains1941 26th...

the Orthodox Church Yugoslavia

1937i Archbishop-Zagreb Aloysius StepinacYugoslaviaAppointment-Stepinac-YugoslaviaAppointed Archbishop of Zagreb1946i Archbishop-Zagreb Aloysius StepinacYugoslaviaArrest-Stepinac-YugoslaviaImprisoned for collaboration with the Germans, released 19511952i Cardinal Aloysius StepinacYugoslaviaAppointment-Stepinac-YugoslaviaAppointed Cardinal, Tito will not...

the Military Yugoslavia

1943i Marshal Josip Broz TitoYugoslaviaAppointment-TitoAppointed Marshal, had organized the National Liberation Army

the Literature Yugoslavia

1892iIvo AndricYugoslaviaBirth-AndricBirth of Ivo Andric1945iIvo AndricYugoslaviaPublication-AndricPublication of, "The Bridge on the Drina"1954iIvo AndricYugoslaviaPublication-AndricPublication of, "Devil's Yard"1957iMilovan DjilasYugoslaviaPublication-DjilasPublication of, "The New Class", critique of the...

the Government Yugoslavia

1925i Minister-Education Stjepan Radic 1925-1926YugoslaviaAppointment-RadicAppointed Minister of Education1928 8th AugustKing Alexander 1922-1929YugoslaviaZagrebConstitutionThe Croats form a separatist assembly1928 8th AugustKing Alexander 1922-1929YugoslaviaZagrebIndependence-CroatiaThe Croats...

the Croatian Peasant Party Yugoslavia

1904i Party Leader Stjepan RadicYugoslaviaFoundation-CPP-YugoslaviaFounds & leads the Croatia.index.html>Croatian Peasant Party, advocates autonomy for Croatia.index.html>Croatia

the Communist Party Yugoslavia

1892 25th May Marshal Josip Broz TitoYugoslaviaBirth-Tito-Yugoslavia-YugoslaviaBirth of Josip Broz Tito1933i Member-CPY Milovan DjilasYugoslaviaArrest-Djilas-YugoslaviaArrested for criticizing the Yugoslav monarchy1940i Member-Politburo Milovan DjilasYugoslaviaAppointment-Djilas-YugoslaviaAppointed Member of...

the Politics Patriotic Front Zimbabwe

1975i Party Leader-ZANU-PF Robert Gabriel MugabeZimbabweFoundation Patriotic Front ZANU & ZAPU merge to form the Patriotic Front, ZANU-PF1979iJoshua NkomoZimbabweElection General The Patriotic Front parties...


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the Shahs of Afghanistan

1919iShah Aman Allah 1919-1929AfghanistanCoup d'Etat-AfghanistanStages a coup, imprisons his brothers & assumes power1919iShah Aman Allah 1919-1929AfghanistanIndependence-AfghanistanInforms the Viceroy of India that Afghanistan...

the Revolution Afghanistan

1893iAmir Abd al-RahmanAfghanistanRebellion-Pashtuns-AfghanistanThe Pastuns rebel after being placed under British rule1919iShah Aman AllahAfghanistanCoup d'Etat-AfghanistanStages a coup, imprisons his brothers & assumes power1973...

the Revolution Afghanistan Afghanistan

1978 27th April President-Afghanistan Nur TarakiAfghanistanCoup d'Etat-AfghanistanImprisoned leader of the Khalk faction of the banned PDPA1978 27th April President-Afghanistan Nur TarakiAfghanistanCoup d'Etat-AfghanistanTakes charge as...